Back to school favourites

Design your own pencil case
Everyone’s favourite preparation for getting ‘back to school’ is getting a new school bag and pencil case, so why not let your little one design their own with Seedling! The two gorgeous craft kits will ensure that kids will feel the coolest in the classroom with their bag and pencil case which is completely unique to them (they will have lots of fun designing it too)!
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Lunch set
TUMTUM is the brand behind ingenious tableware that makes dining a whole lot easier for tots and the out and about range is sure to be a hit when it comes to lunch time. The unique lunch set comprises of one simple container that can be divided by a removable pot, helping parents offer their children variety and a healthy balanced diet! The brightly coloured drink bottle and snack pots will also guarantee there are no mix ups when break time arrives!
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Healthy snacks
Perfect for healthy snacking, kids will be able to enjoy fresh homemade meals on the bus, in the classroom and on the playground with Fill n Squeeze. Fill n Squeeze is a clever food preparation system that allows parents to mash up food and pop it in a re-useable pouch.  It can then be taken with you wherever you go, making mealtimes on the go a doddle! It’s a lot healthier and more cost effective than buying ready-made food pouches. 
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Over one million children in the UK ride scooters and it is fair to say that it will be a lot of kids preferred mode of transport for the school run! And who can blame them, especially if they are the proud owner of a Scootaheadz! These all-weather friends ride on the T-bar of scooters, personalising them and making them a whole lot of fun. Kids can choose from two different ponies and dinosaurs, so before you know it little ones will be ‘galloping’ and charging their way to school!
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Messy-me Tunic
Now something for the preschoolers ... whether it’s paint, mud or lunch, the smallest members of the family are guaranteed to come home from their first day of school with stains splattered on their new uniform. Messy-me tunics are made from gorgeous oilcloth so cleaning up mess means a simple wipe, plus your little ones will love wearing these beautiful designs!
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It is essential to ensure your little one is hydrated throughout the day, so a water bottle is a must and most schools now require them to be labelled. Bandino provides an easy way to label your cup or bottle. The Bandino is a fun, durable and personalised band that can be stretched to fit almost any cup or bottle. It easily identifies the owner of the cup making them perfect for nursery, school and after school clubs and ensures there are no misunderstandings on the playground! Great for kids with allergies too.
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