After 14-years of going to the same barber shop to get his hair cut, Evan O’Dwyer is well used to his barber Donncha O’Connell.


But 16-year-old Evan also suffers with autism and is non-verbal which makes each and every trip unique in its own way.


People with autism generally suffer with sensory problems, making a trip to the barbers a difficult process, as sitting in a chair can sometimes be quite a painful and scary experience for the individual.



But Evan’s mum Deirdre can rest assured when picking a barber for her son, she had excellent taste when choosing The Baldy Barber in County Cork.


Deirdre brought Evan to the barbers one day as she had finished work early; normally the mum would have someone go along with her, but this particular day she was alone.



When they arrived, Evan sat in the chair.


But just as Donncha ran the razor over Evan’s hair, the 16-year-old decided he wanted to leave the shop.



With the car being one of the only places young Evan feels safe, Donncha and his brother Dylan helped bring Evan to the car for his mum Deirdre.


Donncha on the spur of the moment told Deirdre he would finish Evan’s hair in the car, and as Dylan sat holding Evan’s hands, keeping him calm, Donncha finished off Evan’s haircut.


Taking to Facebook to thank Donncha, Evan's mum says: "It's great when you have a brilliant barber and who totally understand autism and who will go to any lengths to make your child feel comfortable."


And just look at how proud Evan is of his new cut?


It's great to hear that there are some amazing people out there going above and beyond.