As soon as the kids go back to school, the winter colds and flus come out in full force. Spreading easily between people, once you catch it, it can have you side lined for a few days.
As they say, prevention is better than cure so here are five ways to lower your child’s chances of catching a virus. 
Frequent hand washing
This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to stop a) the spread and b) them catching it. Colds and flus spread via sneezing and coughing and also by touching contaminated areas. So make sure your kids wash your hands frequently – after school, before dinner, after they have played outside or if they have been on public transport. Ensure they wash them for at least 15 seconds in warm, soapy water, and drying them properly. Have a hand sanitizer in your bag for when you are out and about.
Stay away from people who have it
Try to limit their contact with people who already have the virus, although we know this is pretty hard, especially when they are in school. If the sick person lives in your family home, stop the spread by disinfecting surfaces, washing contaminated clothes on a high temperature and ensuring kids wash their hands frequently.
Eat a healthy diet
A healthy diet is another key in helping you to stave off any bugs. So give your kids’ immune system a boost by ensuing they have a diet rich vitamin B and C , iron, essential fatty acids, protein, folic acid and zinc. You can obtain most of these by consuming fruits, vegetables, oily fish and lean meats.  
Get plenty of sleep
Studies have found links between insufficient sleep and certain health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and making you more prone to catching colds and flus. Children need at least 10 – 12 hours each night so make sure your little one is getting enough.
Make sure they exercise
Exercise is a great way to help boost your child’s immune system which in turn will help them to fight off viruses. Kids need at least an hour of physical activity each day so get them outside, walk to school and sign them up to after school dance or sports clubs.