Booksmart actress Beanie Feldstein shares insight into married life with wife Bonnie

Beanie Feldstein has been opening up about married life. 

The Lady Bird actress tied the knot to her wife Bonnie-Chance Roberts in New York last May.

After almost a year of marriage, Beanie has decided to share an insight into her experience of being married and detailed what her favourite part is. 

While chatting with People at the premiere for her upcoming movie Drive-Away Dolls, Beanie admitted, “My favourite part of married life is everything but I think the big thing that felt different was saying, ‘My wife’”.

“[It] has more power than like, ‘My girlfriend’... you know, it’s like, ‘My wife’ is like, ‘Oh, this is legit’”.

Revealing that she doesn’t like being away from her wife, the 30-year-old explained, “Oh my god, I just want her with me every second of every day”.

“So it’s like of course she had to be here and she looks so beautiful”.

Since Drive-Away Dolls is about going on a road trip, Feldstein then revealed that Bonnie is who she’d most love to take a trip with. 

“Oh, my wife obviously! No doubt. We love to road trip, we really want to do cross country”, she added.

When sharing stunning images from their big day on social media at the time, Beanie sweetly wrote, “As every fairytale comes real… and together they touched the sky…”.

Recently, Feldstein celebrated her wife’s birthday with a heartfelt tribute. She described Bonnie as, “The greatest thing to happen to the world!”.

The Booksmart star also said, “The absolute best wife, the most present sister, the most giving daughter and the truest friend! Will you marry me again?”.

Beanie and Bonnie first met in person in January 2018 in London on the set of How to Build a Girl.

After first becoming friends and later falling in love, the pair went on to get engaged in June 2022, before getting married surrounded by their loved ones last year.