There was a mixed reaction yesterday, when we reported that 55-year-old grandmother Sharon Cutts had become Britain’s oldest mum of triplets.


While some took issue with the fact that Sharon, who underwent IVF, spent 11 weeks in hospital ahead of her babies’ births; others criticised her for using Botox during her pregnancy.


Well, this morning, Sharon has hit back at the critics, telling them to ‘mind their own business’.


Unable to avail of IVF treatment here, Sharon eventually underwent the procedure in Cyprus but went on to spend the 11 weeks prior to the birth in an NHS hospital, for safety precautions.


In an interview with The Sun, Sharon said: “These people should mind their own business. The consultant said my 11-week hospital stay was money well spent. If I had been sent home, there would have been bigger, costlier problems.”


“I could have had a bleed at home, and then it would have been over two hours in an ambulance – costing a fortune,” she added.


Sharon and her partner, Stuart, welcomed sons Mason and Ryan, and daughter Lily into the world on March 21st.


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