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Can I freeze my food?

Yes, you can freeze your food. In fact, it is a great idea to make a large batch of baby food together in order to freeze some. This will save you vast amounts of time and a lot of hassle in the weeks ahead. You can use ice cube trays to store small amounts of puréed foods or there are special food trays with covers you can purchase which help keep foods fresh. However, you must take some precautions. All equipment, including trays should be sterilised before use. First, ensure that you cook the food completely, and then allow it to cool completely before freezing. Ensure the container you are putting the food into is clean. When you want to use some of it, defrost it thoroughly and reheat it all the way through, ensuring its temperature and texture are alright before feeding it to your child. You can defrost foods by taking them out of the freezer several hours before a meal, heating food gently in a saucepan or defrosting it in a microwave. Ideally, defrost in the fridge overnight and use within 24 hours. Never refreeze foods and do not reheat them more than once. The temperature of your freezer should be set to at least -18c. Baby purees will keep for up to 8 weeks in the freezer.

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