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How can I stop my little one from worrying?

While it is natural for children to worry about various things, some can be more anxious than others.
However, you can teach your youngster how to manage feelings of stress so that they can tackle any problems that may come their way.
Communication is key
It is important to keep the lines of communication open so that your child knows they can turn to you with a problem. Engage them in daily conversations about their day and talk about feelings and how they felt when certain things happened.
Always listen to them
Your kiddie may be genuinely worried about something and by telling them “not to be silly” you are belittling their concern. This may cause them to retreat into themselves and not come to you with any futures worries.
Keep things in perspective
Tell them that most problems are solvable and encourage them to be optimistic enough to try again. Encourage your little one to put their worries into words and always listen attentively. This can help them keep things in perspective and reduce their worry.
Don’t automatically give solutions
Try to resist the urge to automatically fix the problem for them. Problem solve with them rather than for them so that they can learn to work their way out of a situation. By taking an active role, kids can learn how to stand on their own two feet. 
Practice what you preach
Be aware of how you handle stresses or worries. if you are concerned about something, show your youngster that you are taking an active approach to making things better. How you respond to concerns or fears goes a long way in teaching your litle one how to handle everyday challanges or fears.
Remember, anxiety will not go away on its own so never ignore your child’s concerns. Stay upbeat and positive when discussing their fear and never respond with anger or frustration. 

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