Charlotte Crosby opens up about daughter Alba being her ‘main priority’ in sweet tribute

Charlotte Crosby has been sharing an insight into the love she has for her daughter Alba. 

The former Geordie Shore star welcomed Alba into the world in October 2022 with her fiancé Jake Ankers.

While opening up about Alba’s happiness being her main priority in life, Charlotte has penned a heartfelt tribute for her baby girl. 

After celebrating Father’s Day yesterday, the 34-year-old took to Instagram to tell her 8.7M followers about wanting to give her little one ‘happy core memories’. 

Charlotte posted an adorable black and white photo of Alba wearing an England football kit, since the team were competing in the UEFA European Football Championship over the weekend, to her Stories.

She added text to the image which says, “This girl. She’s honestly my everything. The love is just crazy. I remember when I had all these goals and things I thought I wanted more then anything (and don’t get me wrong I still have goals and things I would love to achieve)”.

“But now the only goal and thing I want to succeed at and my main priority is just to make sure this little girl has the most happy and great childhood and life”.

Credit: Charlotte Crosby Instagram

Charlotte continued her moving message by admitting, “Just wanna make sure I can do my absolute best to give her such and abundance of love and happy core memories. If I can do that I swear to you all now I will feel like if won the life lottery”.

“There is nothing more important to me in the world. Me and @jake_ankers will do our absolute best for her”, the former reality star confessed before adding, “she’s out little queen”.

Charlotte also wrote a touching tribute to her fiancé to commemorate Father’s Day, praising him for being such a good dad to Alba.

Alongside an emotional video of precious moments between Jake and their daughter, Crosby penned, “Happy fathers day @jake_ankers. Today is a day to appreciate you as the amazing father you are. I don’t think you yourself even realise how amazing you are! So I’m here to tell you”.

“Every minute of every single day you are thinking about our little girl, everything you do is for us, you are so loving and kind, you don’t realise but she learns so much from you! And it’s amazing to see! alba idolises you!”.

She went on to say, “You’re the first person she asks for in the morning and the last person she talks about before bed. It’s like you were made to be a dad. From the minute she was born you just knew what to do, I felt so much of the time I’d look up to you because you always had everything under control! absolutely nothing phases you Jake!!

“See your love for our little girl made my love for you triple in size, you an amazing dad Jake, Alba is incredibly lucky to have you! And I know when she can she will tell you that every day, we both love you so much ! More then you will ever know you are our hero”.