A father who took to the internet asking for help on how to reassure his 13-year-old son has thanked everyone who lent their support.

The thirty-eight-year-old single dad recently discovered searches on his son’s iPad which led him to believe that his son was struggling with his sexuality.

In the message which the father posted online seeking advice, he wrote; “I desperately want to tell him that I love him regardless of which sexuality he is. What are my options? Should I wait for him to tell me? Or should I make a few hints at it?"

The dad was inundated with advice and support from people online and he has since said that the responses he received were “overwhelmingly helpful and kind.”

After some heart-to-heart conversations, the teen came out to his concerned father and the proud dad, says: "I’ve already started doing some research in LGBT Youth Communities and I think joining one would be a perfect start to helping my son develop into the person he has the potential of being.”

What a truly heartwarming story!