When a 14-year-old girl was constantly using her mobile phone, her dad decided he needed to intervene.


And boy did he intervene!



Bradley Herbst knows that teenagers are generally embarrassed by their parents, so using this to his advantage; he came up with the PERFECT way to keep his 14-year-old off her phone.


The Florida based dad made a rule that his daughter Sydney was not allowed to use her phone while they were spending quality time together.



And it just so happens that a part of that time is on Fridays when Bradley is dropping his teenager to school in the mornings.


Being incredibly creative and embarrassing at the same time, Bradley told Sydney if she broke the rule he would have to walk her into the school... IN COSTUME.



Sydney’s dad was dressing up in several different costumes each Friday on the way to school, usually whatever costume took his fancy and it is absolutely hilarious.


From mimicking Elvis and WWE star Randy Orton, to dressing as Little Britain characters this is one dad who will go to extreme limits to spend quality time with his kids.



And we think Sydney might secretly enjoy the costumes!