We often hear the saying ‘life imitating art’ and that can definitely be said for our children.


We don’t know about you but we have found our kids in front of the telly copying their favourite characters more times than we can count.


But it seems Charlie Magilavy likes to imitate something a little more timeless.


Dad, Zack shared a video of his son Charlie who had perfectly memorised the training montage from Rocky.



“Our little boy Charlie training with his favorite boxer. It brings a smile to our face every time he asks to "workout with Rocky". He takes his workouts very seriously,” read Zach’s Facebook post.


But quick to dispel any hater comments that might have been coming his way, Zach added:


“No we do not allow him to watch the fight scenes and yes his tv time is very limited.


“It's a 2 minute clip and he's been training for the last year!! “



With well over two million views, Charlie has become an internet sensation at just two years old and his fans just adore him.





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