We’re not quite out of the cold weather just yet, but now that we are in the middle of spring and summer is not too far away now is the time to save a few bob by cutting down on your electricity bills.
Here are five ways to reduce  your energy bill: 
Turn off the lights
Now that the days are a lot brighter you can keep your lights off for longer. Instead, open the curtains and let your rooms flood with natural light.
Lower the thermostat
Even though you might need to switch the heating on every now and then you won’t need it to be on full blast, so lower it down by two or three degrees.
Turn off the dryer
The dryer is one of the main reasons that your electricity bill is really high. However, make the most of the long dry evenings by hanging your washing outside on the line. Your clothes will feel and smell a lot fresher.
Keep appliances unplugged when not in use. This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce your energy bill.
Take shorter, cooler showers 
Try to keep your time in the shower to less than ten minutes and reduce the temperature - you don't need it on as high during the spring or summer.