145 young people died from suicide in the UK between 2014 and April of last year, with the majority of them being males.


Sadly, 66 of these were aged between 10 and 17, while five of them were under the age of 14.


However, while new research has found that exams and school pressure played a role in their deaths, physical illness, bereavement and bullying were also significant factors.


According to research conducted by the University of Manchester of 130 suicides in those under the age of 20, many had expressed suicidal thoughts and over 50% had self-harmed before.



Talking about the report, Professor Louis Appleby, Director of the Inquiry, told The Telegraph that there were a number of reasons, usually a build-up of different stresses.


"There are often family problems such as drug misuse or domestic violence and more recent stresses such as bullying or bereavement, leading to a 'final straw' factor such as an exam or relationship breakdown," he said.


Adding that self-harm is a warning sign of the future risk of suicide, Professor Nav Kapur, NCISH Head of Suicide Research told the publication it is “crucial that there is improved help for self-harm and access to mental health care.”


If you are looking for help or support, you can contact the Samaritans on 116 123.


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