Experts discover a good nights sleep can boost chances of becoming pregnant


It’s time to put your pyjamas on and dive into bed as a new study has discovered that getting a good night’s sleep can help boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.


The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Hanabusa Women’s Clinic in Kobe, Japan.


The team spoke to 208 women who were trying for a baby. They discovered that the women who failed to conceive had weak sleeping habits.


They found that the women who had a good night’s sleep had a 20 percent stronger fertilisation rate than those who didn’t get a full eight hours sleep.


Women who slept poorly had a lower chance of conceiving, according to the study.


Participants were asked about sleep medication, how long they usually sleep for and sleep disturbances.



They were then split into three different categories- severe sleep difficulties, mild sleep difficulties and no sleep difficulties.


The team shared, “Good sleep patterns can be one of the important daily habits for patients to improve their response to fertility treatments and increase their chances of pregnancy.”


The experts found that 67 percent of the eggs from women who had a healthy sleep pattern were fertilised. However, only 48 percent of the eggs from women with weak sleeping habits were fertilised.


The team advise women who are trying to get pregnant to get a decent night’s sleep. The recommended amount is seven to nine hours.


They believe a good night’s sleep will boost your fertility.


This news comes after researchers discovered that red wine can help boost fertility. The team believe that drinking five glasses of red wine per month can increase a women’s chances of falling pregnant.



Researchers in the United States recently found that red wine has a positive impact on a woman’s reproductive health, this may be due to an antioxidant found in red wine.


The team found that the antioxidant resveratrol boosted the women’s fertility. The main role of resveratrol is to reduce biological stress.


They shared, “Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in higher concentrations in red wine, and it is known to have anti-inflammatory effects.”


The team stated that women who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol were the only ones who noticed any benefits to their fertility.


They have urged women to consume alcohol in moderate amounts.


The results of the sleep and fertility study can be found on the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s website.