Teens these days spend more time online than in the real world, as mum Kerri knows all too well. 


Recently, she got so fed up of being ignored by her 20-year-old son Dillon. She had asked him time and again over the course of a week to take out the rubbish bins, but he was too engrossed in Imgur to bother listening.


But rather than shrug and just accept that Imgur had won, she decided to use the image-sharing site to her own advantage. She signed up and uploaded a photo of their overflowing bin, alongside the comment: “D, this is your mom. Please take out the trash!”


She also gave fellow Imgur fans the back story.


D, this is your mom. Please take out the trash!


“So my son has been lurking here and constantly has his nose in the phone reading and laughing at stuff here,” she wrote.


“He doesn’t hear me when I ask him to take the trash out. Help me get this to the front page please so maybe the trash will get taken out soon! Thank you!”


Hilarious! And what’s more, it worked. Not only did it make it to Imgur’s front page, having been seen by some 250,000 people, it also served to get her son off his backside and taking the trash out!


What’s more, her actions have seen her being hailed a “cool mom.”


“Way to connect with your kid +1!” wrote one.


Trash was taken out!


Another admired her “creative and positive parenting.”


But Kerri remains humble and reckons you have to just move with the times if you’re going to parent these days.


“This is his world and the world and the way things are now, everything is online,” she wrote. “I just try to be a part of his world and get across to him. It doesn’t always work. But apparently a meme works.”


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