As with reading, it’s important to try and make maths as interactive and fun as possible. Games, puzzles and jigsaws are a great way of introducing maths to your child. It's also important to show your child the relevance of maths skills in our everyday lives.Identifying problems and solving them can also benefit your child’s maths skills.
If you see that he is struggling to solve a puzzle or problem, talk about it and try to figure out the solution together.Don't try to avoid maths if you didn’t like it at school,instead find ways to enjoy it with your child.
Tips for helping your child to develop a love for maths:
  • Point out different shapes, like triangles and rectangles in your home
  • Take your child shopping. Ask them to add up the amount of apples you buy. Get them to add two more to the bag and tell you the total.
  • Give your child a little pocket money and ask them to work out how much things cost.
  • Watch out for street signs and car registration plates and help them become familiar with numbers
  • Maths skills are so important for your child’s education and it’sessential that they develop these at home and not just in school.