Heres how to encourage your kiddos to practice good hygiene

Bath time has been a regular part of your child’s routine since they were babies, but have you found yourself buying baby bath time products for your primary school age children because there are no suitable alternatives for tweens?

As children start primary school and head towards puberty, their hygiene needs change. By the age of eight body odour and sweat can start becoming an issue. Involvement in messy activities like football, cross country, biking or tree climbing ups the pong factor; one whiff of their trainers after an afternoon of sport will convince you of the need for a nightly bath or shower.

This is the time to instil great hygiene habits, so by the time the teenage years arrive in all their stinky glory, washing is a regular part of their self care routine.


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Scrubbington’s was founded to create a range of products especially for primary school children. Their company mission is to help children develop critical life skills like washing themselves, getting active and having fun outside without fear of getting dirty.

To make independent washing easier, the Scrubbington’s range of bath time products has been created with children in mind. With easy to use bottles, magical foam that lingers longer on the palm and packaging designed to appeal to both boys and girls. All of their products are made with 98 percent natural ingredients and contain no parabens or other nasties that could irritate young skin. 

Their bottles are made from 50 percent recycled plastic (they're working on the rest) and easy to pour refill pouches because taking care of our planet is so important.

 How do you encourage your child to regard bath time as something to look forward to rather than something to be endured once they enter their primary years?


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Give them privacy

Children at this age can start to be more aware of the changes that their bodies are going through and want more privacy at bath time. Once you have shown your child how to use their bath time products and explained things like properly rinsing your hair after using shampoo, then leave them to it.

Offer a reward

If offering a reward for good hygiene habits works better than constant nagging, then do it. You know your child best, so pick a reward that will motivate them without being too high value.

 Be honest about hygiene

Peer approval and the desire to fit in is very powerful at this age. Explaining that a lack of personal hygiene can lead to other people noticing a bad odour, could be the motivation they need to scrub up. Make sure that they know that good friends should never tease you or make you feel bad though.

 Never shame them

Children, like adults, are susceptible to criticism, so be careful about your choice of language. A good natured joke about smelly socks is very different to teasing a child for being dirty. Never make a child feel self conscious or say something that you as an adult would not like to hear.  

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Scrubbington's mission is to empower children – so they developed a range of products that help children to wash themselves. Their foaming products are easy and fun to use and as they are 98% natural, parents don't need to worry about their child's delicate skin. Click here for more information on their full range of products.