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My child keeps breaking his glasses, what...
Children's glasses are subjected to a lot of 'wear and tear', follow our stpes to ensure your child gets the most out of their glasses.
What are the most common vision problems for children...
Common eye complaints for children and teens include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
What should a comprehensive eye exam consist of?
Read more about what is involved in a comprehensive eye exam.
How often should my teen or tween have their eyes...
Teenage bodies are constantly growing and changing and during this time, eyesight is liable to...
How can I treat a scratched cornea?
A scratched cornea can be painful but is usually not serious.
How should I treat my child's black eye?
As soon as your G.P. has ruled out any damage to the eye itself you can apply an ice pack to the...
What should I do if my child gets an eye injury?
An eye injury can be serious so it is important to know what signs to watch out for should there be...
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