Mums. this just HAS to be your next family watch. 


For parents, bullying is one of our biggest fears. The thought that someone, somehow has the power to make our beloved children feel worthless, to degrade them, to chip away at their self-esteem terrifies us.


So when we saw the film A Girl Like Her (it’s now on Netflix) our first thought was that every single parent needs to watch it with their teen – straight away. And more than that, we believe it should be shown in schools all over the country as part of an anti-bullying programme.


The movie is about a young girl called Jessica who is tormented daily by her former friend Avery. And it’s not just in school – Jessica is harassed through her phone and her email too, until the constant abuse causes her to attempt to take her own life.



However, what her abuser doesn’t know is that Jessica has been filming the bullying via a tiny camera, at the behest of her best friend, who wants people to know what’s been happening, even if Jessica doesn’t.


This film isn’t your usual Hollywood fare – it doesn’t have a pantomime goodie and a baddie, or unrealistic dialogue. Instead, it’s a powerful and subtle take on why people bully and the devastating effect it has on those bullied and their families.


It also takes a close look at why those who are bullied refuse to seek help, and why those who see it happen look on and often do nothing. And importantly, opens up a dialogue which asks: are our schools doing enough? And if not, what more needs to be done?


The film is hard to watch at times, and we found ourselves crying at quite a few parts, but we came away with the fervent belief that it’s tough, yet very necessary viewing.



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