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How can I learn to let go now that I have a nanny?

Getting a nanny should make it simple for a mum to begin looking after herself and return to work. However, many women find it difficult to tear their thoughts away from their baby and what might be going on at home.

One way to alleviate this is to create a detailed schedule of your baby’s habits and preferences. Another is to create a childcare booklet to give to the nanny so she has a manual of sorts, specific to your baby.

This will relax your mind, but it also provides consistency for your baby. This will help her feel better as well, which in turn means the entire situation will go more smoothly.
Be sure to include your baby’s preferences in the written material you create for the nanny. List what she likes and does not like so that the new nanny does not have to learn the preferences of your baby on her own. This insider information allows your nanny to more quickly meet your baby’s needs.

Have a conversation with your nanny. Be honest about your emotional state. Explain that it is not your intention to oversee her every move, but that you are anxious. More than likely, she’ll adapt to what you’re feeling and make things a little easier for you.

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