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Why is my baby’s hair falling out?

It is common for babies to lose their hair during the first six months of life. This hair loss phenomenon is due to hormones. Before birth, the baby had high levels of hormones that were passed from you to them. After they were born, these levels started to drop off, causing his hair to stop growing and enter a resting state. This resting hair falls out when baby’s hair begins a new growth cycle. New hair grows up underneath and pushes the old out. When the baby's new hair comes through, sometimes it's a different colour and texture than what they were born with.

Baby may also have bald patches on their head from sleeping in the same position, or from rubbing their head against the mattress or car seat. Once they begin to sit up, the hair will grow back.

Some babies appear bald at birth, and some remain so until their first birthday. But if you look closely, you will see extra fine, downy, light-coloured hair (peach fuzz). If baby’s hair seems to be taking a long time to come through, be patient. Baby's locks will be healthy and shiny before you know it.

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