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How do I use a changing table to safely change my baby’s nappies?

Newborn babies will need to be changed on an average of ten times each day in order to keep them dry and prevent rashes. A changing table makes the process more convenient if all of the supplies needed are close at hand and if the baby is placed correctly on the changing table.

Choosing an appropriate changing table will also ensure safety for your baby while providing convenience. The changing table should be at a height that is comfortable for you without having to reach too high or too low. If you are not at a comfortable height, it will make it difficult to safely change the baby. The table should also be of ample width to accommodate the baby comfortably. If the width is too narrow there is a greater risk of the baby falling during the time of changing. Also check for sturdiness to ensure the changing table is not going to be wobbling while baby is laying on it.

The majority of changing tables will have an area to store all of the items needed for changing time. The usual items needed are fresh nappies, baby wipes or a wash cloth, a fresh change of clothing, and any creams or ointments used. Keep the supplies stocked and ready for use in order to prevent having to stop in the middle of the task to get additional items.

Lay your baby on the changing table and use the attached safety straps to hold him/her in place. Using the straps will help you to have both hands free for changing the diaper and prevent them from rolling over during changing. Always keep the baby in the centre of the table, away from the edges and never leave your baby on the changing table unattended.

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