Geri Horner has bravely opened up about her secret battle with IVF. The mum admitted that her dream of having another child almost didn't come true, as she faced major hurdles during IVF treatments.


The former Spice Girls member spoke to Red magazine about her fertility troubles in a raw and honest interview. Geri welcomed her son Montague in January at the age of 44. She believed conceiving Montague naturally was a true miracle.


She proudly spoke about her family, but unfortunately, the path to motherhood was full of hurdles for Geri.


Before falling pregnant with her son Montague, Geri revealed that she went through numerous IVF treatments. She empathised with any woman who has failed to conceive naturally. She understands just how harrowing it can be, “I wanted another baby and I'd tried an assisted route and it didn't work. I feel for any woman that has that natural biological longing, it's tough.”


The singer accepted the fact that she wasn’t going to have another baby when the treatments failed. Geri shared, “I'd got to thinking I have a child, my husband has a daughter, and accepting this is our lot.”



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The mum was stunned when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. She couldn’t believe that she had conceived her second child naturally, she believed her son Monty was a miracle baby.


Geri welcomed her first child into the world in May 2006. She gave birth to a daughter named Bluebell Madonna, who is now a proud big sister: “Bluebell is sweet with him. Helps me change his nappy, pushes the pram," Geri added.


The mum-of-two said her son is a true gift. Earlier this year she spoke to The Sunday Times about her family, "Trust me, I can still moan like the rest of them but, equally, I remind myself every day that this is an absolute gift”.


Geri also has a step-daughter- four-year-old Olivia Horner.



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She started dating Olivia’s father, Christian Horner in February 2014. The paired became engaged on November 11, 2014.


Geri and Christian went on to say, ‘I do’ at St Mary's Church in Woburn, Bedfordshire on May 15, 2015.


The happy couple shared that they would like to have more children together, however, they feel very grateful with the family they have. Geri recently posted a touching photo with her baby boy on Instagram.


She wrote, “Sometimes, I've just got to pause -take a minute to say thank you.”