This experiment will make you rethink those neglected plants on your windowsill forever. 


IKEA, while well known for it's meatballs and interiors of our dreams, has stepped up to the plate in honour of Anti-Bullying Day. 


In a leafy experiment, they deposited two identical houseplants in a school in the United Arab Emirates.



The two plants were given the exact same amount of water, light and fertiliser, but had one major difference. 


Students were instructed to give one plant compliments and were told to verbally bully the second plant. 


After a month, the results spoke for themselves. 



The positive plant continued to grow and flourish and the bullied plant wilted away. 


The theory that plants are sensitive to human interaction is not a new one. Some gardeners have claimed that talking positively to plants helps them grow. An entire episode of the popular TV show Mythbusters, was even dedicated to plant life, finding that grow in silence aren't as healthy as plants that hear human voices.


While IKEA mightn't be proving anything scientifically about bullied plants, we can't really argue with the damage it does to humans. 


As one of the students in the video put it, "If it can affect a plant it can definitely affect other people."