I’m a Celeb star Vicky Pattison shares honest insight about having her eggs frozen

Vicky Pattison has shared an update on the process of having her eggs frozen. 

The former I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here winner revealed she was starting her journey of freezing her eggs at the end of 2022, but had to put the process on hold as a cyst was found on her ovary at the beginning of this year. She has since been able to get back on track as the cyst is now gone.

Posting a collection of photos of herself to her 5.3M Instagram followers, the 35-year-old detailed an honest insight into the first week of freezing her eggs. 

Multiple photos show Pattison at a fertility clinic, while another is of her with tears in her eyes. A video shows the former Geordie Shore star giving herself a hormone injection. 

She captioned the post, “My Egg Freezing Journey So Far... TRIGGER WARNING: There are needles, injections & talk of fertility in this post”.

“Yesterday I headed to @londonwomensclinic to get a scan to see if my ovaries were responding correctly to my hormone injections. I can't tell you how happy I was to be told I have chubby little ovaries. Probably the only time in my life I will be happy about being called chubby”.

“But it basically means that the hormones are doing their thing & my eggs are egging. (I know, my medical jargon is fantastic.. just call me Meredith Grey)”.

“The last week hasn't been as bad as I anticipated- there's been some highs & lows but I suppose that's to be expected- altogether I'm just really grateful that my body seems to be responding to the medication & things are going in the right direction”.

Vicky then wrote a summary of what she’s learned since starting her egg freezing process. 

“When I last tried to start this process in January- I booked 2 weeks off work & brought my mam down to stay- I was determined to focus on the journey & give my body the best environment it could have for my little eggies to be successful”.

“But as you all know I fell at the first hurdle. I was obviously crestfallen but understood that it's just sometimes the way the cookie crumbles. This time I didn't allow myself to get my hopes up, having had some disappointments already- so when I found out that my cyst had gone & I was actually able to start the process I had work booked in, filming, podcasts, photo shoots, we had trips, wedding planning- the lot.. & it was just too late to cancel things”.

Pattison went on to reveal she is glad that she’s busy now instead of being at home and ‘getting in her own head’ about everything.

“If everything had gone to plan in jan & I'd been sitting around the house just waiting to give myself my next injection & worrying if things were going right- this would have been a totally different experience- altogether a more sad & stressed one I think”.

Many fans of Vicky’s headed to the comments to commend her honesty and wish her well on her journey.

One fan wrote, “All hail the chubby ovaries, so happy for you. It’s so amazing of you to be so open and sharing your journey too!”.

“You’ve got this! Good luck with everything”, penned a second fan, while a third added, “You’re such an inspiration! I wish you all the luck in the world, you got this”.