Three years ago, Claudia Winkleman and her family went through a horrifying experience that they will never be able to forget.


The TV presenter admitted that she will always be haunted by the day when her daughter’s Halloween costume set fire. She spoke to Best magazine about the ordeal.


The harrowing incident occurred when the family were trick or treating in West London. Claudia opened up about the tragic memory, “She ‘went up’ is the only way I can describe it - it was a spark, and she screamed out for me.”


The mum admitted that this time of year is particularly difficult for the family. Halloween will always be tainted with the terrible memories of the accident.


She revealed, “I don't like Halloween, because three years ago it turned out our screams were real.”


Claudia’s daughter Matilda suffered severe burns to her legs when her supermarket costume went on fire. She was only eight years old at the time of the accident.



45-year-old Claudia said the event was life-changing for the entire family.


She opened up about the dreaded day, “It was like those horrific birthday candles that you blow out and they come back. It was really fast. It was definitely life-changing for me.”


The mum said it felt like it was never going to end, “I was talking to somebody, and then I heard her shout, and she was on fire. It feels like she was on fire for hours, but the surgeon said it was probably just seconds.”


Claudia wished there was something she could do to take back the tragedy, “I wish I had been dressed as the witch, is mainly all I wish - that it had happened to me.”


The Strictly Come Dancing presenter has urged parents to be extremely careful during Halloween. She stated that she never wants this to happen to another child ever again.



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It is understood that the costume her daughter was wearing was made of nylon and cheap materials. Claudia has warned parents to stay away from similar costumes.


Claudia’s neighbour, Jamie Poulton, was with the family when the accident occurred. He told the Mail, “This material just keeps reigniting and re-burning. And it is sticky, so it melts on the skin. It doesn't cinder. It remains hot. It was horrific, to be honest.”


Claudia wants to raise awareness about how dangerous Halloween can be, “I would like parents - just on Halloween - to think about what they’re going to put their kids in, because I didn’t and it cost us,” she added.


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