Its chilly outside so grab a stunning John Hanly scarf, throw or picnic blanket - they are simply divine!

Stay warm and beautiful this summer, with a 100% Irish designed woven scarf, throw or picnic blanket by John Hanly. Made from the finest wool, cashmere, lambswool, mohair and natural fibres, in a wide range of patterns, colours and hues, take your pick, and take it everywhere. Whether around your shoulders for al fresco dining, thrown down for a stylish picnic, warmth after a long walk or cooling dip, or even shelter from a summer shower, it’s the must have accessory when you’re out and about.

Throws and Blankets are priced from around €60 for an Irish Picnic Knee Blanket, up to around €200 for an Oversized Cashmere Throw. Across a choice and combinations of Cashmere, Lambswool, Merino Wool, Natural Wool and Mohair, there’s a dazzling array of colours and patterns, from solid block to patterns, modern to classic, muted to vibrant. These are investment pieces, that look great on the go, thrown over your shoulder, but just as good thrown over a couch. Whatever your signature shade, for outfits or interiors, John Hanly will have your perfect colour match.

The most coveted item is the Cashmere Throw (from €149.45). A beautifully soft throw with a blend of 95% Merino and 5% Cashmere, it is luxuriously large (nearly 6ft x 4.5ft), super light and available in a sumptuous and vibrant colour palette. Choose from solid block colours or a range of patterns such as Check, Border Check, Plaid and Stripe, all with a contrasting or same colour fringe. Raspberry Herringbone, Blue Heather Border Check and Bright Blue Red Yellow Check would brighten up even the dullest day, while other more subtle tonal mixes of Cream, Denim, Lilac or Grey are beautifully understated and would grace any occasion or interior.

The Large Irish Picnic Classic (€78.75) is available in 25 colourways. Made from 100% Pure Wool in Tipperary, this is an instant heirloom promising a lifetime of memories. In a choice of Plaid, Tartan and Windowpane patterns, there’s a wide-ranging choice of colours, from earthy tone to vivid hues. Sized 6ft x 4.5ft, this blanket makes any picnic any occasion.

John Hanly has been weaving memories for 128 years, with the traditions now safeguarded by the fifth generation of the Hanly family with their colourful creations now sold throughout Ireland and worldwide. Lockdown and nesting at home has seen many more customers shopping directly via the website, where a very temping selection of products awaits. A recent innovation, the ‘Hug in a Rug’ bag, was developed to make it easy to carry your John Hanly picnic blanket with you everywhere.

The beating heart of the John Hanly story is the mill at Ballyartella, on the banks of the Nenagh river, where over 30 people work to create individual and unique pieces which celebrate creativity, colour and traditional craftsmanship. In 1938 the traditional Mill Wheel was replaced by a water turbine which still powers the mill, supplemented only with electricity from renewable sources, in line with the company’s ethos.

Visit to see the full range of products with 140 different throws, 280 scarves and 50 different headwear items. John Hanly’s in house team of designers work with over 500 different coloured types of yarns to create an ever-evolving collection that offers all the classics, but bright modern pops of colour too! John Hanly works only with natural fibres and sources only from renowned suppliers for fibres that are sustainable and ethical too.