Jools Oliver reveals she ‘finds change so hard’ as little ones return to school

Jools Oliver has been opening up about back-to-school time. 

Jools has admitted to ‘finding change so hard’ as she and her husband, TV chef Jamie Oliver, settle into a new routine as their children return to school after the summer holidays. 

To share her feelings at this challenging time for children and parents alike, the designer posted a sweet video of snippets from the summer with her and her little ones to her 562K Instagram followers.


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The footage, set to Taylor’s Swift’s song August, shows clips of the family at the beach, celebrating birthdays and playing together.  

The mum-of-five penned, “First few days back at school and my head is all over the place!! I find change SO hard For the first few days of any big change I yearn and long for the old routine back what ever that looked like it would be something I am just used to”.

“I find the holidays the absolute hardest. I know it’s because this stage means a new term, new year group, River moving up to year 3 wearing a big blazer, expectations for him to be a ‘big boy’ to soon!!”.


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“As my timeline is measured in school terms it’s clearer to see that big changes are happening for us all and time as I get older goes way to fast”.

She closed off by adding, “Attempting a fancy reel to remember our beautiful summer holidays…..where there was unforgettable laughter (till we cried) tears/tantrums and moods for all sorts of reasons! I would do it all again in a heart beat, thank you summer holidays for your precious time as always”.

Many fans of the 48-year-old flooded the comments with supportive words and messages of admiration for Jools’ honesty. 


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One commenter wrote, “Awh darling, I feel ya!! Big hugs. Amazing pics. Fab core memories to last them and you a lifetime”.

“Your words capture the emotional roller coaster so well of parenting and what a beautiful reel”, penned a second fan.

Another added, “Jools, I love this. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. This is just another beginning. You’ll get the hang of this one soon”.

Jools and Jamie share five children together- Poppy, 21, Daisy, 20, Petal, 14, Buddy, 12 and seven-year-old River.