Lauren Pope reflects on time in TOWIE & reveals if she’d reappear on the show

Lauren Pope has been reflecting on her time on reality television. 

Lauren is best known for starring in The Only Way is Essex between 2010 and 2019.

After leaving the series, Lauren became a mum to three-year-old Raine and one-year-old Leni. 


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Now, while answering a Q&A from some of her 1.1M Instagram followers, Lauren was asked if she misses being on the reality TV series. 

The question from a fan read, “Do you miss being on TV? Love watching how you’re smashing motherhood”.

Pope replied by posting a snap from her younger years and admitted, “I actually really don’t lol. It had its fun moments at the time but also some stressful ones”.


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“I really do like my quiet life now but I can look back and remember some very funny memories of that time so no regrets. I try not to live with regrets but would I chose to do it again, it’s a no from me!

“On the positive side it did provide us all with so many exciting opportunities that I’ll forever be thankful for and allowed me to make friendships with people I wouldn’t of met otherwise and it’s a story I can tell my kids when they are older I guess!”.

Lauren closed off by adding, “And thank you for the compliment”.

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After welcoming her two daughters into the world, Lauren revealed she had split up for their dad, Tony Keterman, in 2023. 

When sharing her and Tony’s break-up online, Pope explained, “Alot has been going on in the background as I have been adjusting to life as a single mum of two”.

“I’m on this journey with as much positivity as humanly possible especially with everything going on in the world right now”.