Love Island’s Olivia Bowen gets candid about anxieties of having another baby

Olivia Bowen has revealed that she would like to become a mum-of-two!

The former Love Island finalist and her husband Alex are currently parents to their one-year-old son Abel, whom they welcomed in June 2022.

After becoming parents for the first time, the couple - who met on the hit ITV dating show in 2016 - have been consistently asked if they would be open to having another child.

In an interview with OK!, Olivia was recently asked if she has any plans to expand her family in the future.

“It’s always on my mind. We’d really like to have another. I just don’t know when,” the 30-year-old admitted.

Olivia then went on to explain how she is concerned about how the addition of a second child could affect her struggles with anxiety.

“When you’ve had a child, you don’t know if It’s going to make it better or worse. At first, it made it better, then it made it worse. It’s a bit of a whirlwind,” she confessed.

“Has it made me think seriously about having another child? I mean, I think I would struggle again. I always say to Alex that I think we went through the biggest change ever having one, so going from one to two won’t be that different. Although I’ll probably read this interview later down the line and be like, ‘Ha! You were wrong!’” she added.

Olivia has been open in the past about her battles with postnatal depression and anxiety after welcoming Abel. The new mum recalled that she was in labour for 30 hours, and had to give birth with the help of forceps.

“It was quite a hard time and I feel like I’m finally coming out the other side of it now, I’ve finally asked for help and accepted the way I feel. It’s been really nice to get validation from a therapist and talk it through to dismantle little things that have happened to me,” she admitted to OK! in October.