Love Island’s Paige Turley speaks out about rumours that her split from Finn was fake

Paige Turley has addressed the rumours that were circulating that she and Finn Tapp faked their break-up. 

Paige and Finn first met during Love Island in 2020 and went on to be crowned winners of the series. 

After dating outside of the villa, the couple announced they were going their separate ways in 2023. 


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Following on from their break-up, the pair have been starring in Celebrity Ex On The Beach, where they were seen reuniting with each other. 

As they are both starring in the reality dating show, many viewers were speculating that they had ‘faked’ their split so they could appear in the programme together and rekindle their relationship. 

Paige has now set the record straight, confirming that their break-up was real and that they have not rekindled their romance despite being on the show.

While speaking on the Straight To The Comments podcast, Turley was asked about the rumours that she and Finn were going on Celebrity Ex On The Beach for money. 


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She replied by explaining that when she and Finn were previously still in a relationship, they had been living together, and questioned why they would bother to fake a break-up when moving out cost so much.

“Do you know what though, in my mind, I was living in Manchester, and I moved to Glasgow. Do you know how f*****g expensive removal men are?”.

“The money that I get from Ex on the Beach isn't even going to cover the one guy, and I needed three!”.


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When asked again about if the split was just for the cameras, Paige confirmed, “No, I wish I did, to be honest – less traumatic!”.

“But like, this is what I don't understand. How they can write this kind of stuff, where are they getting it from? Why would somebody pretend to break up?”.

“I think people think we're together now, let me rest assure, we're not. The last I heard, he was getting to know another cast member pretty well. I can assure you we’re not back together”.

When asked what her relationship with Finn is like now, Paige replied, “Emmm, amicable”.