Baby Theo Babbage has made an astounding recovery after a traumatic delivery via Caesarean section at Norwich and Norfolk hospital five months ago.

Theo's mum Rachel, who had had a normal pregnancy, suddenly started experiencing problems in the delivery suite so doctors decided to perform an emergency Caesarean section on the 30-year-old mum.

Rachel and Theo's dad, Adam, recall waiting to hear their son's first cry, but knew something was desperately wrong when nothing happened.

Opening up about the devastating moments following Theo's delivery, Rachel said: "I kept waiting and waiting but there was no screaming or crying, and I knew something must be wrong. I stared around at the shocked looks on the medics' faces. I kept asking if my baby was OK but no one could answer."

When doctors attempted to resuscitate her little boy all Rachel could do was wait, saying: "Time passed so slowly, it was unbearable as a parent being in the same room as my dying child."

Thankfully, doctors were successful in their attempts and after eight minutes, they managed to restart little Theo's heart.

Discussing the moment her son was given a second chance at life, Rachel said: "He hadn't breathed for eight minutes and was a pale blue from being starved of oxygen for so long. He then had to be rushed away to be put into intensive care, all I wanted to do was hold him in my arms and comfort him like any mother wants to."

Theo's parents are overjoyed to report that their little boy has made a full recovery and praise the hospital who treated him, saying: "He recovered and we're so eternally grateful to the hospital. Without them our little baby boy wouldn't be alive today."