When your child graduates with a bachelors degree from university, naturally you’re going to be quite the proud mum.


And when they achieve a special feat, you’re not going to be surprised, because they were always special in your eyes anyhow.


But would you ever expect your 14-year-old son to graduate from university with a Bachelor of Science in physics?



Carson Huey-You graduated secondary school at the age of 10, going on to attend Texas Christian University at the tender age of 11.


Speaking to Inside Edition, Carson’s mum, Claretta Kimp, explained that her son had asked for a calculus book when he was a mere three-years-old.


She said: “I got him a little calculus book and he could work some of the very first questions in the book and then I thought, yeah you’re quite smart.”



And today, Carson is the youngest person to ever graduate from Texas Christian University.


However, while the teen is planning on completing his Masters degree next year, he’s not the only brain box in the family.



Carson’s 11-year-old brother is now enrolled at the university for September to study Astro-Physics and Engineering.


And we’re just here trying to teach our toddler’s how to use the toilet...