When Paula D'Amore imagined giving birth, she had planned to do it in a delivery room at her local hospital.


However, despite Paula's hopes, her little one couldn't wait she welcomed her child into the world in the back seat of her car. 





This brave mom only made it as far as the car park of the hospital, before she climbed into the back seat of her car to deliver her baby Daniella.



By the time the nurses came out to assist with the birth, Paula's husband had already caught the baby's head, and done most of the heavy lifting so to speak.


Now, seven months after this rather dramatic birthing story, Daniella's parent have received another shock. 




The hospital sent the new parents a bill for $7000... despite the fact that Paula did not actually give birth inside the hospital.


According to WSVN-TV, this is the hospital's full fee for delivering a child, despite the fact that no delivery room or midwife was used in Daniella's birth.



The hospital has not yet made a statement, but we certainly hope Paula gets some sort of discount...


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