A young girl is recovering from severe burns after she used a popular DIY slime recipe.


Homemade slime has become increasingly popular among children, with many DIY recipes appearing online.


However, this 11-year-old girl had a terrible reaction to one key ingredient, after she tried to make her own batch at a sleepover.


Kathleen awoke feeling terrible discomfort in her hands and came home from school later that day, crying with the pain.



“She was crying in pain, ‘My hands hurt, my hands hurt’,” mum Siobhan told CBS Philly.


“And we looked at them, and they were covered in blisters.”


Kathleen’s parents decided to take her to a local hospital where the true damage was determined.


The little girl was diagnosed with second- and third-degree burns after her hands had a severe reaction to one key ingredient.



Medical staff concluded that Kathleen’s blisters were caused by extended exposure to Borax.


Homemade slime usually combines glue, water and Borax, a sodium borate.


Her parents are now trying to warn others about the dangers of homemade slime recipes.


Kathleen had made slime multiple times before with no problems, however her mum says parents always need to be aware of the potential dangers.



“I’ve had mothers say, ‘Oh, we’ve made it a million times. It’s fine. Nothing happened to my child.’


“We made it a million times, too,” Siobhan said.


This isn’t the first time a parent has come out to warn others about the dangers of these homemade recipes.


Last month, another mum took to Facebook to share pictures of her daughter’s hands after she suffered burns from ‘Unicorn Slime’.


The little girl now might require plastic surgery to fix the skin damage on her hands.



The recipes, found commonly on YouTube and through Google searches, come with no warnings except to avoid contact with your eyes.