On the rare occasions us mums get to go out, we tend to go hell for leather... often regretting it the next morning when we have to get up at 7am to kids and teenagers.


So we can totally imagine how mum Donna felt following a gig at her local pub. 


However, what we can't imagine is having our face plastered all over social media, wearing our grey dressing gown.  


But that's exactly what happened to this mum, thanks to her teenage daughter. 


Donna, from Lanarkshire, was all dolled up on Saturday night for a Lady Gaga tribute night down her local.


And as we all do, asked her daughter to take a photo of her looking very snazzy. 



However, little did she realise that the next day that particular photo would be everywhere; Donna woke up looking a little bit different (AKA hungover) the following morning, and Brooke decided to take another snap - and post BOTH photos to social media. 


Taking to Twitter, the teenager captioned the side-by-side photos: "Saturday night vs Sunday morning", and it has subsequently gone viral.



Thankfully, Donna took it all in her stride, and Brooke told the Metro that her "cool mum" also thinks the photo is hilarious. 


“She’s just glad she can make so many people laugh at the state she wakes up in after a night at the pub,” she said.


“She thinks it’s hilarious. She doesn’t know who she feels more sorry for, William, her husband, having to wake up next to that or myself and my sisters as that’s what we’ll look like in 20 or so years.”



The post has been re-tweeted an incredible 7,000 times and loved more than 34K!


Fair play to Donna - we definitely would NOT be laughing if our kids did this!