They say that twins share a special connection which is formed in the womb and lasts throughout their lives, and this story is beautiful proof of that bond.


Sisters Dawn and Allison Ardolino have become internet sensations this week after their incredible surrogacy story went viral.


Both sisters are mothers, but Allison was dealt a devastating blow when she was just 30 weeks pregnant with son Dylan – she had stage three breast cancer.


With the cancer spreading to different parts of her body, Allison had to give birth to Dylan at 31 weeks in order to undergo chemotherapy.


Thankfully, six years on, Allison is cancer-free. However, given that the mum’s cancer was caused by hormones, doctors had to break the news to her that she could never get pregnant again. This is where loving sister Dawn stepped up.



Knowing that Allison desperately wanted a sibling for Dylan, Dawn told doctors: “It doesn’t matter, because I am going to carry their child.”


Dawn went on to become a gestational surrogate for Allison, carrying the couple’s fertilised egg to full term. On August 5th, Dawn gave birth to Allison’s second son, Hudson William.



In a letter to Dawn, Allison acknowledged her amazing gesture: “You have given us not just the fulfilment of a wish we’ve had for the last six years, but a whole new life, and a family of four we thought we’d never have.”


Their story is enough to put us in a good mood for the rest of the month.