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My baby has his days and nights confused..?

All expecting parents have sweet dreams about how life will be after baby arrives. The harsh reality is all babies are perfect in some respects and challenging in others. Imperfections and challenging deviations from that idealistic dream can be very stressful during the early days of parenthood. However, they are a normal part of the development process. The good news is most babies outgrow them during their first year.

If you are having a difficult time surrendering to your baby's short term sleep habits, there are things you can do to communicate that daytime is for fun and night time is for sleep. Take the baby out of the house for at least an hour each day; new experiences and fresh air are stimulating for both of you. Sunlight also helps reset babies' sleep clocks. Then make sure night time is extremely boring. Don't do anything to make bed time remotely interesting or stimulating, which means a darkened room, no playing, singing, reading or even talking to the baby.

Remember, it may take several weeks or months before your newborn baby finally figures out that they have their days and nights mixed. Until the baby becomes adjusted, the recommendation is to try and relax and sleep when you can. Enjoy whatever sweet and quiet moments you have together at night and remember that it will pass.

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