Seven-year-old Megan Evans was posing for a Halloween picture when her parents noticed that something was off. 


Her smile was crooked, and going with their gut instinct, they brought the girl to the hospital. 


She was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size on a tangerine and underwent life-saving sever hour surgery. 



Megan, who is "very outgoing" and loves drama and gymnastics, is left with just three percent vision. 


Speaking to The Mirror, her parents, Jason and Charlene said that Megan is adapting well to her new life. 


"Megan has now started learning Braille," Jason said. “So she has had to take in an awful lot and adapt. We are so proud of her because of the way she has reacted."


At a children's party, her parents noticed that her smile was a "bit different" and that "there was something just not quite right". Their quick-thinking saved her life. 



Now learning to use a cane, the Evans family are raising money to get Megan sight-restoring surgery in Germany. 


”Megan has really bravely adapted to this," Jason continued. "In fact she has adapted better than her parents have.


“We are very grateful to the people who have donated and we along with Megan want to raise awareness of what can happen very suddenly.”


The diagnosis was a shock to the family:


"It happened very suddenly. It was Halloween. I noticed that her smile was a bit different. There was something just not quite right.


“Charlene and I decided to take her to the hospital.


"We were told that the symptoms pointed to a brain tumour. We feared the worst."



The parents were told that "the tumour was the size of a tangerine", but luckily Megan pulled through the surgery. 


“Megan went through 12 hours of an operation and once she came out the other side she was not speaking. Finally she did begin to speak, but it was like baby talk," he recalled.


“Then thankfully she started to talk normally again."


The family have set up a fundraising page to try and restore Megan's sight.