Paris Fury shares insight into ‘chaotic’ school morning routine with youngest children

Paris Fury has been sharing an insight into school mornings for her and her family. 

Paris and her professional boxer husband Tyson share six children together and have their seventh on the way. 

As schools reopen after the summer holidays, Paris has opened up about how ‘chaotic’ her mornings are when trying to get her little ones ready for school. 


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Paris’ youngest children, seven-year-old Tyson Fury II, five-year-old Valencia, four-year-old Adonis, and two-year-old Athena, attend school and nursery, while her eldest, 13-year-old Venezuela, and 11-year-old Prince John James are going to be homeschooled with the help of a tutor.

Sharing the details of the ‘craziest time of the day’ to her 1.5M Instagram followers, Fury posted a collection of photos of her little ones in their school uniforms. 

She penned, “It’s back to School! By far the craziest time of day in the Fury household is the period between 7.30 a.m. (when my alarm goes off ) and 8.30 a.m. (when Tyson drives the kids to school)”.


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“I’ll wake up, rub my eyes, take a deep breath, spring out of bed and prepare for an hour of chaos, like any house at this time of year! I can’t quite believe it’s back to school time already!”.

“I love picking the kids up from school, even if it can get really crazy. Once they’ve piled into the van, Prince, Little Tyson, Valencia and Adonis will all talk at once, ten to the dozen, desperate to tell me about what they’ve learned in the classroom and who they’ve played with in the playground”.

Paris went on to admit, “They’ll fight to get their voices heard, and it inevitably descends into a massive, deafening row… It can be pretty trivial stuff in the scheme of things but I love to listen to their chatter, especially if they’re really excited and enthusiastic about something. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it today when they get home”.


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“These photos (except todays) are included in my new book How Does She Do It? You can now pre-order signed copies from @Waterstones! (link in my bio)”.

Many of Paris’ fans headed to the comments to share their admiration for her with one person commenting, “Love it!!! You are an amazing mother!”.

“Oh my gosh - they’re all so cute and grown up. Beautiful family”, penned a second fan. Another wrote, “One of the most REALEST Mums ever”.

When chatting about the return to school on her Instagram Stories earlier this week, Paris revealed, “Tomorrow will be the first day all four little ones are in school/nursery and the big two with a tutor for homeschool. Roll on Friday”.