Mornings are often the most hectic time of the day for mums as they try to get everyone up, dressed, fed, packed and out on time. To make the routine a bit easier, parents often use the TV to keep children distracted and while it can offer a few minutes of calm, morning telly often adds to the stress and won’t help your little one in the long run. 
Watching telly has been found to decrease a child’s attention span and their ability to focus. Staring at the screen in the morning can cause them to arrive at school hyperactive and not ready to learn.
Watching TV can also cause time delays, as tthey distract children from packing their bag or brushing their teeth. This often means mums have to shout to get them to hurry up. 
If you really need to distract your child in the morning, allow them to play with a toy but set a timer so that when it goes off they know it’s time to go. Simple changes like this can ensure you all leave the house with a clear, stress-free mind.