Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald opens up about IVF journey & considering surrogacy

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet have opened up about their IVF journey so far and how the couple weren’t originally planning on having children so soon together. 

In a candid chat with OK! Mary explained that their first round of IVF treatment was sadly unsuccessful so they are starting the second round this month. 

“We can’t really waste any more time because of my age. I’m a little nervous about doing it again. I don’t like failure. It’s so sad as women, we spend so many years trying not to get pregnant, then when you want to and try to it’s impossible”.


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29-year-old Romain revealed, “If we had the choice we would wait a tiny bit more. I never thought about having a baby any time soon but I know we have a timeframe”.

42-year-old Mary’s first attempt of freezing her embryos back in June was just a precaution due to the real estate agent’s age, but the couple were left devastated when it failed, so wanted to try again.

Mary had 15 eggs retrieved by doctors, seven of which got fertilised, but sadly she was told the upsetting news that none of them were viable for genetic testing. 

“I was at home when the doctor called and told me. I was shocked. I just didn’t anticipate that at all, but he said it’s normal for someone of my age and that’s actually why so many pregnancies end in miscarriage, because typically the embryos, if they are abnormal, your body just naturally miscarries them”, Fitzgerald explained. 

The reality TV star revealed that the procedure is very expensive to get done. “That’s why the rates are so high, but in my mind, I just assumed they’d be OK. It sucks because it’s very expensive to do- over $25,000. I’m like ‘Shall we just risk it and do it naturally?’”.

Mary also talked about considering surrogacy, more for cosmetic reasons, but Romain was not keen on the idea. 

“There’s something magical about pregnancy, but I’ve tossed around the idea of a surrogate. It’s superficial, my body won’t bounce back the same way it did when I was 16, but ultimately I decided that’s not for me”.  

The Selling Sunset star, who had her only son when she was 16 years old and raised him on her own, then spoke about potentially getting cosmetic work done if she did carry a baby now.

“You know, they have all the Mommy Makeovers, and I decided if my body didn’t bounce back I’d spend $100,000 on the Mommy Makeover. I’m a little too honest!”.

“I honestly think I need the bonding too. In pregnancy there is just a natural bonding that happens. I feel like I’m just so career-oriented that I need that time with the baby before it comes”.

French model Bonnet shared his thoughts on surrogacy. “When she talked to me about a surrogate, I’d never heard about that. Back in France, I’d never met anyone that did it, so for me when she even mentioned it I was like, ‘What is that? There’s people that do that!’”.

“If I’m honest, I was happy when she said she didn’t want to do it. I’d love to see my wife pregnant. I’ve never had the chance to live it with anyone else. I’d like to experience it together”.

We wish Mary and Romain the best of luck as they continue their journey to start a family together.