Selling the OCs Gio Helou explains how ‘immaculate’ home has changed since having baby

Gio Helou has been sharing an insight into his experience with fatherhood. 

The Selling the OC star welcomed his first child, a baby boy named Theodore aka ‘Teddy’, into the world last September with his wife Tiffany. 

Now, Gio has decided to give a glimpse into life with a newborn by opening up about ‘connecting’ with his bundle of joy. 


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The real estate agent also admitted how much his and Tiffany’s ‘immaculate’ home has changed since having a baby.

While speaking to People, Gio explained, “Before we had him, I was scared I was not going to connect with this new human that we're bringing into the world. And I was blown away with how much he and I have this bond”.

“I can't wait to get and spend time with him after work. It's a struggle to go into work because I don't want to say goodbye to him”.


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Helou then discussed how his and Tiffany’s lives have been altered since becoming parents, by saying, “We're learning as we go. We're making mistakes, obviously, and sleeping is nonexistent, but overall, it's amazing”.

Sharing how different their home looks now that they have a little one, Gio revealed, “Up until we had Teddy, like our house was immaculate. It felt like living in a magazine spread. I've had to let all that go”.

“Because with baby comes mess, comes toys all over the place. And it's funny because I I love it. I'm truly not missing that part of our life where everything was spotless”.


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“And so the sleep and the mess, those are things you got to learn right away when you're raising a human”.

The reality TV star also discussed if he and his wife plan on having more children in the future. 

He revealed, “Now that we've broken that ice, I want at least one, hopefully, two more”.

“Growing up I always wanted a brother. I have two sisters that I was in the middle of. I want a girl but I'd love for him to have a brother”.