Sick of hearing fine when you ask about their day? Heres what to ask instead

There’s nothing more irritating than wanting to hear about our kid’s day in school and all we get back with all our questions is… ‘Fine.’

We want to know what they learned, what their friends are up to and how they’re feeling about school right now. They are our only source of information about their grades, their friendships and their progress or problems until the parent teacher meetings, so it’s frustrating when we just want a little more information, but they just want to chill and forget about school for a few hours.

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We’ve come up with a list of specific questions that will spark a conversation to get your kids chatting about their school day. Getting them to engage is key, so may give them a little space when they come home first so they can decompress for a bit and then broach the subject later, maybe after dinner or when they’re getting ready for bed. Let them process the day first before you dive in with your questions.

While some of the questions may seem a little silly, they might be things your child enjoys talking about, like what people had for lunch that day, or what game they played at lunchtime. While they aren’t directly relating to schoolwork or friendships – two of the topics most parents want to know about – they can open the gateway to other information sharing, like who had a nice lunch and who they played with outside today. Remember that it’s a conversation, not an interview.

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Who was kind to you today?

Did you try or learn anything new today?

Can you tell me one new fact you learned today?

What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

Who were you kind to today?

Do you have any fun or sad stories about today?

Who did you play with at lunch?

Did anyone have a nice lunch today?

Which of your classmates would be a great teacher for the day?

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What’s the most important classroom rule for your teacher?

What was your favourite thing you did today?

Did anyone cry today?

Was anyone out of school today?

Who would you swap seats with if you could?

Did you read today?

Did you help anyone today?

Did you feel proud of yourself today?

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What was the worst and best part of your day?

Did you solve any problems in school today?

Was there anything that was hard to understand or frustrated you today?