During exam times it’s especially important to make sure your teenager is getting the right nutrition:
  • Always make sure they eat a good breakfast and that they never skip it. Even if they are in a rush, they should at least have a piece of fruit, yoghurt and a cereal bar.
  • Give them foods that are high in fibre for breakfast. Foods that are high in fibre give your body a slow steady release of glucose, for example wholemeal bread or porridge.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t try any kinds of weight loss diets during this time as many of these diets are lacking in nutrients which can affect concentration.
  • Give them a healthy snack to take with them before they go to the exam.
  • Try to ensure they eat a good, healthy lunch. Avoid giving your child fatty or sugary foods which will leave them feeling full, sluggish and won’t sustain them for long.
  • Try to avoid giving them caffeine, but do give them other drinks such as fruit juice, herbal tea and water.