We’ve all been at that stage, where we realise hanging out with our mums is totally embarrassing.


It normally happens at the awkward pre-teen stage, where kids just want to be cool.


It’s an awkward age, so we don’t blame them too much.



But sometimes, in some cases, teenagers don’t grow out of that phase, they simply rebel.


They just don’t listen to their parents; they think they know what they are doing so they just don’t want to hear it.


Marc Mero, was one of those kids.



The WCW and WWE champion, never wanted to listen to anything his mum had to say, but she was the one person who always believed in him.


Marc, who spends his time reaching out to children through his non-profit organisation Champion of Choices, speaks to students about his honest and raw experiences, and his story is astonishing.


Marc, spent his entire life trying to be a millionaire, taking drugs and drinking too much alcohol.



That was until one night, while touring Japan, he got the call he never wanted; his mother had passed away. 


Marc, ran screaming on to the empty street, "Mum I'm so sorry" as he realised all the times he ignored her was for nothing. 


On the day of her funeral, he peered into the casket and cried "Mum, you are my hero, everything I am, everything I hope to be is because of you."


"You loved me so much, you gave me a life, you're the only one who ever believed in me."



Marc states: "Love is just a word until you give it meaning - YOU are the meaning.”


The students in the video are visibly gripped, taking Marc’s story on board, and there is not a dry eye in the house.


Every kid out there needs to watch this video.