This teenager is a true inspiration.


School is a great place to make friends, find your independence and learn about the world.


However, not everyone has fond memories of their time in school.



And, sadly, Corey was one of those who didn’t have the best experience in class growing up – because she was born a boy.


In fact, the teenager was bullied so badly that her parents felt the only way they could deal with the situation would be to take her out of school, which they did.


Something that Corey admits she is truly grateful for.



However, after watching an inspiration video on YouTube about a girl called Jazz Jennings the young teen then started to understood what was “wrong” with her.


Soon after she starting going to therapy, was prescribed female hormones and decided that she wanted to go back to school.


And now she has a clear and important message for others who are going through the same thing as her or are being bullied for.


Uploading a video of herself on YouTube, the teen told her story through the use of notecards.


And what a story she had to tell.



However, it’s the message at the end that is really inspiring:


“To all the kids out there,” she wrote.


“Bullying is never OK


“I want to tell anyone being bullied


“This is temporary and it will get better!


“Know that even though it may not feel like it now


“You are incredible


“You are beautiful


“You are worth so much


“And you are loved.”