A few weeks back, third grader Jordin Phipps recorded herself reciting an inspirational speech that she learned in school. 



"Failure is not an option for me! Success is only moments away!" said Jordin in the inspirational video. 


The recording, which went viral, was shared with The University of North Texas by Jordin's mother. 



Well, the university was so impressed by Jordin and her video, so they gave her early admission.


That's right, Jordin was guaranteed a place in North Texas University for the class of 2030!


But wait... there's more! 


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Not only did the university give little Jordin a spot in their establishment, they also gave her a $10,000 scholarship!



While Jordin will not be starting college for 10 years, she is already considering a major in engineering!


This girl has a seriously bright future. 


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