When you see a homeless person on the street, it's too easy to just turn the other cheek and walk away. 


But one teenage boy didn't want it to be that way, and decided to take action. 


Thirteen-year-old Hamish Anderson from Bristol has spent the last two weeks buying breakfast every morning for two homeless men he passes on his way to school.


"I started because I kept walking past these two men and one day I asked one of them what they had eaten for breakfast and he said that he didn't really eat breakfast and that made me sad," he told the Bristol Post. 


Determined to help, Hamish took his loose change and started visiting the Princes Pantry cafe each morning to buy one bacon and one sausage roll for the two men, Stuart and Philip.


After he ran out of pocket money last week, he shaved his head to raise cash among his friends and family to keep his fund going. 


And when the cafe found out about what he was doing, they started giving him a discount on the sandwiches. They even put a collection tin on the counter for him!



"One of the men, Philip, has a dog, and sometimes I buy an extra sandwich for him because I don't think the dog can get very much food," he said. 


Hamish feels very strongly about helping the homeless, and wishes officials would do more too.


"There is not a way out for many of the people and most have lost their ID cards which mean they can't get in to hostels overnight," he said. "It makes me angry that the government, that they aren't doing more to help."


While Hamish can't fix the problem, his dad James couldn't be more proud of his son's efforts so far. 


"Most people wouldn't stop to help but Hamish does," he said. "Me and his mum are very proud of him, of course."


And Hamish's gestures, although small, are making a big difference to Stuart and Philip, who are incredibly grateful.


"I have been homeless for more than 35 years, and this lad is the kindest person I know," he said. "I am invisible to most people who walk past, but his kindness warms my heart." 


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