Birthdays are a great excuse to have some cake and open a few pressies.


In this dad’s case, however, they are also a great excuse for a bit of a dig at his kids – well, his daughter Raylin to be specific.


Joe Pellat took to Facebook to wish his daughter a happy 21st birthday, sharing a photo of her and a seal.


According to Buzzfeed, the seal had jumped into their boat while they were holidaying in Mexico a couple of years ago.


However, it’s the caption that has the whole internet in stitches!



“Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful daughter (left) Raylin” Joe wrote alongside the photo.


Thinking it was hilarious, Raylin decided to share it on Twitter with the caption: "Thanks for the clarification, Dad." 


And it made everyone’s day:






Thanks for sharing, Raylin - this is brilliant!